After-Camp 2015/12/22

"Kura-no-Machi" (Town of Storehouse) [ Tochigi City ]

  • "Kura-no-Machi" (Town of Storehouse)
    ▲"Kura-no-Machi" (Town of Storehouse)

Stroll Around and Feel the Classical Atmosphere
Tochigi City originally used Uzuma River which flows right through the town as a trade route to Edo (Tokyo) and flourished as a post station on Nikko Reiheishi Kaido (a sub route to Nikko Kaido Route). Known as "Kura-no-Machi" (the town of storehouses), the main street still has many historical storehouses. Boat tour along the Uzuma River is also available and the classic atmosphere is attracting many visitors.