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The Hungarian Athletics Team Training Camp (Aug. 2015)

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We accepted the Hungarian Athletics Team for a training camp before the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing. We hosted them in the Tochigi Sports Park athletics field in Utsunomiya from August 12th to the 20th. During the camp, 11 members (6 athletes and 5 coaches) worked up a sweat in exerting their utmost effort to fine-tune their techniques and skills just before the championship.
Additionally, we held a welcome ceremony, public trainings, and photo/autograph sessions with the athletes, as well as direct training sessions led by the athletes during the camp. It was very beneficial for us to create these opportunities to allow the athletes and locals to interact. Furthermore, the fantastic evaluation the team gave us regarding the training location gave us the momentum needed to promote future invitations for training camps.
Unfortunately, while no one from the team we hosted received a medal, two of the six athletes finished in fourth, and one of them finished in sixth. In addition, one athlete was able to break the national record, and two others were able to break their personal records. In the end, the team sent us positive messages that they were satisfied with the results, ranking 24th out of the 207 participating countries.
The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in four years, and we are continuing to further our relations with Hungary, as we would like to receive the team at that time again with the utmost Japanese hospitality. We are working actively to make our invitations to the other foreign athletic teams reality using the experience we have gained from this camp.